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    HTMLParser.Net V3.5

    A must have HTML Parser .Net library for applications that need to crawl and parse HTML/PDF/DOC contents for data retrieval and indexing purposes and roll out your own search engine type applications.

    Latest From Netomatix
    • Version 4.0 of HtmlParser.Net library for .Net released.
    • Version 1.0 of PatentSearch.Net library for .Net released.
    • Version 2.0 of YFinanceParser.Net library for .Net released. New APIs added to extract company profile information for given ticker symbols.
    • SmartAutoComplete.Net V1.0 release. The control is based on Yahoo User Interface library's autocomplete complete. It extends that control to provide more features.
    • New version of Lucene4DB.Net has been release. This version provides support for facet searching capabilities.
    • Version 1.2 of PrintLib.Net library for .Net released. This is a print library to help you format printing of grid, data set, reports, charts etc.
    • Version 1.1 of ShippingCalc.Net library for ASP.Net released. This is a .Net library to calculate shipping charges for USPS, FexEx etc. carriers at run time using their web services interface.
    • Version 2.1 of PopHelp.Net web control for ASP.Net released. This is a .Net wrapper around OverLib DHTML library for generating popups on web pages.
    • GSense.Net V1.0 released. This is custom ASP.Net control for Google AdSense for your web sites.
    • MimeDetector V1.0 released. This API helps you detect file type based on the content of the file and not relying on file extension.
    • RSSLib4Net V1.0.1 released. Its an .Net API to read RSS feeds.
    • Winazon.Net V1.0.12 released. Its an ASP.Net web control do display Amazon.com product banners on your pages.
    • HTMLParser.Net V1.6.8 released.
    • NUnit2.2 For .Net 2.0 made available for download.
    • Version 1.2 of WordToText.Net 2005 component released. This is .Net implementation of java based Jakarta POI project.
    • Version 1.2 of Depends.Net utility released.
    • NetoMatix released Trial Version of FsCleaner2.Net for .Net Framework V2.0.
    • Netomatix releases an improved Time Tracker application based on Microsoft's Time Tracker Starter Kit Application. The new implementation has a complete new Billing section that helps you track the cost of the project along with the actual time.
    • Netomatix releases Trial Version of FsCleaner.Net. It provided automatic file deletion service for your old and unwanted files on the system. The trial version is not a time limited version but it does have some features disabled. Try it and keep your system clean from unwanted files.
    • NetoMatix announces the start of beta program for its IPOcrScanDoc.Net OCR application that allows you to automatically process your invoices, orders and any other documents, save the data in database and let you search information from your desktop or browser.
    • NetoMatix releases ImagoMatix.Net, a .Net component to create thumbnail images for ASP.Net and a lot of methods to enhance and manipulate your images. The component can read the images directly from a database table, from disk or directly from a stream.
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