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Microsoft Outlook 2007 RSS Feed Reader

I have been using Microsoft Office 2007 for quite some time. And Outlook 2007 is one of the applications that I use the most in my day to day tasks. One of the best things that Microsoft has introduced in Outlook 2007 is ability to get RSS feed right in the application. This reduces the need to use separate RSS feed reading applications. It makes much easier to get the feed in the application which I am using most of the time. There is no need to switch from one application to another to get the latest feeds and read them.

Here are the steps that you can follow to add a new feed to your Outlook navigation.

  • When you install Outlook 2007, you will notice that Mirosoft has added 2 feeds, Microsoft Feeds and Internet Explorer Team Blogs in the application. Your left navigation bar may look something like the followin image.
  • Now right click on RSS Feeds and then choose Add a New RSS Feed menu option.
  • Specify URL of the RSS feed in the dialog box. For example if you want to get latest "AdSense Blog" feed, you can enter URL as "http://adsense.blogspot.com/atom.xml"
  • In the next 2 dialog boxes you can accept the warnings about trusting the publisher and choosing advanced options to specify how you want to read the feed and how it should be presented in the reader.

Now you will have the feed added to your list and in the view pane you will see all the entries. I guess it can't get any simpler than that.

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