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Source code and installer for NUnit for .Net 2.0

.Net Framework Version: 2.0

This week I was implementing a .Net 2.0 application using Visual Studio 2005. As my standard development methodology I wrote my NUnit smoke tests for the application. I launched NUnit2.2 tool to run the tests and it crashed immediately. I looked at the exception and realized that current released version of NUnit 2.2 has not been updated for latest and greatest .Net 2.0. So I decided to take the source of V2.2 and converted it to Visual Studion 2005 projects to use .Net 2.0 assemblies. In the process I had to modify the configration file to fix the assembly binding issues with RTM version of .Net 2.0 framework.

What is different from original source

I have not modified any implementation from original source available from NUnit. Following is the list of changes made.

  • Project and solution files converted to Visual Studio 2005 format
  • Replaced the strong name key so that it does not interfere with the original
  • Modified configuration files to use correct RTM build number of .Net 2.0

Will we modify implementation

My intention is simply to provide a short solution to using this wonderful tool with .Net 2.0 till NUnit team releases the updated source from their site. So we strongly recommend checking their site for updates.

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