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Time Tracker Application

.Net Framework Version: 1.0, 1.1

Before we discuss this application, we would like to mention that this application is not our original work. We have extended Time Tracker Starter Kit supplied by Microsoft on its ASP.Net web site.

Microsoft team has wonderful job in this starter kit application. They have developed a very generic application that suits for most of the teams and companies. When we started using this application in our development environment we realized that this application has room for lot of improvement and new feature addition. Also we looked at this application's forums and found out what kind of feature set people are looking for. So we decided to extend this application to change some existing features and add some new features.

Here is a list of some new features that we have added to the application.

  • Ability to set active status of a project. This allows you to set a project to non-active status to exclude from all the lists that are displayed by other forms. By setting the project to non-active state, you do not have to worry about loosing the time entries that were added for this project.
  • Ability to set a user's active status. A non-active user is not authorized to login to the application. But all the time entries that were added by this user are kept in the database.
  • Some of the grid sorting was broken. That has been fixed.
  • A new field, "Estimated Cost", has been added to the project object.
  • I have added a complete new Billing section to the application. This gives you the ability to assign a billing rate for each team member of the project. This way you can keep track of what the current cost of the project and you can compare that with the estimated cost to see the progress of the project.
  • A new section has been added in web.config to give you more control on how some features are displayed.

Source Updates

  • 01/27/2005 [Build]
    • Added new stored procedure to update Complete status of the project
    • Modified TT_ListProjects and TT_ListActiveProjects stored procedures to return Complete status of the project.
    • Updated ProjectList page to include one more grid displaying list of completed projects.
    • Fixed other bugs reported by the users of modified project.
  • 01/03/2005 [Build]
    • Fixed bug with project details page for the case when one of the team member has been deleted or marked inactive
    • Add new database table to classify projects as Billable and Non-billable types
    • Updated projects table schema to include new field "ProjectType". Also updated all corresponding stored procedures
    • Updated projects details page to include new field that is used to set project type.

Download Source

If you are seeing this section and do not see download links, this means that you are not logged into our site. If you already are a memeber, click on the login link and login into site and come back to this page for downloading the control files. If you are not a member, click on registration link to become a Winista member and download the control for free.

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