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Windows Vista - Add Remove Program

Few days ago I was trying to set up my Windows Vista machine for development. I wanted to check what all programs are installed on the machine. So I followed our good old process of Start\Settings\Control Panel\Add Remove Program path. So I clicked on Start button and from there I was able to see "Settings" menu option. I clicked on that and saw "Control Panel" menu item. So far so good. Now I could not see any logo with "Add Remove Program". So I did some digging around and noticed that the new menu item or control panel item is named Program now.

After you click on "Program" item in next group of icons/options you will see option named Installed Programs. That one will give you the list of currently installed programs on your machine.

Next task I wanted to do was remove an existing program from the list. Now I am missing our good old Modify/Remove button. Since MS is doing all through windows explorer so obvious place was to look under File menu. And thats where you will see Change/Remove menu option. Use that to uninstall or modify current install of the programs.

And if you are looking for Add/Remove Windows Components option, that has been named to Windows Features. Following snap shot show what you will get if you click on Windows Features icon from previous image.

And if you are looking for Internet Information Services (IIS) related components, then you will find Internet Information Services entry in previous image and you can configure those components from that. Following image shows what that configuration entries may look like.

Please mind it that these observations are from Beta2 build of Windows Vista. And these may change in final build.


In the builds after Beta2, Microsoft has decided to change the text for "Program" icon in Control Panel. Now it is little more intutive "Programs And Features". Following image shows what the change is going to look like.

Windows Vista Add Remove Program
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