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Error parsing configuration file or file is missing error thrown when using HTMLParser.Net 2/19/2009 3:54:51 PM   (Total replies: 1)
If you are getting error "The type initializer for 'Winista.Text.HtmlParser.Http.HttpProtocol' threw an exception.", read the following post. http://www.byteblocks.com/post/2009/02/19/HTMLParser-throws-Error-parsing-configuration-file-or-file-is-missing.aspx

Modified Version Of BlogEngine Available 2/8/2009 7:05:12 PM   (Total replies: 0)
We have found BlogEngine.Net to be a vey easy to use and easily configurable blogging engine written in .Net framework. It was lacking some features that we thought will be very useful to use that framework not just for blogging but for article publishing as well. In the process I ended up in modifying that framework a lot and I had to release complete modified version of that blogging framework. You can download it from following location. <a ...

Re: Extracting innerHTML for DIV of Class article 9/8/2006 7:37:09 AM   (Total replies: 2)
You can use combination of filters to extract information you are looking for.. NodeClassFilter obTagFilter = new NodeClassFilter (typeof(Div)); AttributeRegexFilter obAttribFilter = new AttributeRegexFilter("class", "article"); NodeFilter andFilter = new AndFilter(obTagFilter, obAttribFilter); NodeList nodes = obParser.ExtractAllNodesThatMatch(andFilter);

Re: How to extract / replace custom-made tags 12/13/2006 8:16:11 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Once you have got hold of your custom tag node, you should be able to call ToPlainTextString method on it to get the text. If this does not help, feel free to send us link to your site or sample HTML file and we will try to help you out in getting this parsed.

Re: How to extract / replace custom-made tags 12/13/2006 9:39:58 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Could you please send us the link to this page or HTML source of the page so that we can see whats going on? Thanks

Re: Installation of HTMLParser? 12/13/2006 8:14:47 AM   (Total replies: 0)
There is not a very complicated process to use this library in Visual Studio. 1. Download the binaries of the libarary from our site. 2. Unzip the assemblies in your BIN folder of the application. 2. There are 2 XML configuration files in the download that need to be present in the bin folder also. 3. And then you simply add reference to the parser's assembly in your VB.Net application. And this should get you goin. Please look at the following URL which demonstrates use of ...

Re: Sort gridview 11/22/2006 8:34:36 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Why are you hiding the original header from the grid? IF you want to show some custom text in header you can always handle itemcreate or event like that to customize the content of those cells and then use the standard sorting when user clicks on the header. But if you absolutely have to implement sorting by some other means like click on first row or second rwo etc., then you have more work to do. You will need to handle clicks on those rows from client side and then send post back message to ...

Re: Sort gridview 11/22/2006 8:58:39 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Neat implementation... You can raise postback events from client side when user clicks in your custom header. You can look at the following link to get some idea on how to raise the event when a row is clicked. http://www.netomatix.com/development/gridviewrowselectedevent.aspx

Re: Visitor Number from 2 different servers 11/22/2006 9:02:40 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Easiest solution will be to use one DB for both sites. Otherwise you will have lot of count synchronizations going on between 2 servers which can always be prone to errors and wrong counts etc. Here is what i will do 1. Create a DB with one table and one field at central server (even if it means assigning one of the exisitng DBs as central) 2. Create a simple web service that reads and writes the count to this table. Then both sites use the WS to get the count.

Re: Visitor Number from 2 different servers 11/22/2006 8:31:07 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Do both web sites use the same database or something for the content etc.? If its the same company then there is no reason to have different databases. Both sites can use a counter table or something in central database that updates the visitor count. This way you don't have to use any web service or something like that to synchronize or update the counts.

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