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HTMLParser.Net - Features and Versions

We offer different flavors for this parser. Here is some information which can help you decide which version works best for your needs.

Versions Offered
  • HTMLParser.Net - Utltimate
  • HTMLParser.Net - Pro
  • HTMLParser.Net - Lite
  • HTMLParser.Net - Community
HTMLParser.Net - Pro

This is professional edition of the parser. This version implements parsing HTML content directly from a web site or offline HTML pages. Professionanl version also supports parsing other mime types like PDF files, Word, Powerpoint, Excel documents etc. It converts these document formats to text. You can use this feature if you are building search capability for all types of documents in your application.

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HTMLParser.Net - Lite

This is light version of parser which has all features of professional version except support for document formats like PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS etc. This version may or may not have all the new features that get implemented in professional version.

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HTMLParser.Net - Community Edition

If you are looking for basic HTML parsing capabilities and do not care for some advanced filters available in Professional and Lite version, then this is the version for you. This version does not contain all the bug fixes and new features from other versions. This version gets updated when our development gets some free cycles to roll changes into this code base. But if we find some serious problem with code, that gets fixed immediately and made available for download. And this version of parser is free download and free to use.

Google and Yahoo Address Book Importers

We ship fully functional APIs for extracting address book from Google and Yahoo. These APIs are built on top of Lite version of the parser.

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