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Document Management Products, Components and Services

Winista document management products and components helps build mission critical document management work flow for your application. We provide products and solutions that support challenging information types such as documents (Office, PDF, XML etc.), web content, images, e-mail, and more. The comprehensive content management portfolio assists organizations that must improve productivity, enhance responsiveness, and comply with regulatory demands. If you do not find product or component that meets your requirements, please contact us with your requirements and we may be able to suggest you some other existing product from third party vendor or propose to build a solution customozed to your needs.

Features Products
.Net library that helps you build index of your database and perform a blazing fast and accurate search for your complex queries.
A must have .Net library for applications that need to crawl and parse HTML/PDF/DOC contents for data retrieval and indexing purposes and roll out your own search engine type applications.
Services We Offer

We have a team of professional who have vast expereince in building document and management applications customized to your needs. And if we can't build the application for you, we can definitely suggest other existing applications that may be best suited to your needs.

Some of the value added capabilities that we have built for your clients:

  • Content management modules that allow maintaing different versions of sensitive document, full auditing of changes, content change notification mechanism, approval driven version changes, full search capabilities on desktop as well as web basec clients.
  • Optical character recoginition module integrations into application to allow indexing and searching of scanned documents.
  • Reporting modules for conent management applications to provide powerful reports that provide indepth statistical information about documents in your network.
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