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YFinanceParser.Net - Parse stocks data from yahoo finance

What is YFinanceParser.Net?

YFinanceParser.Net is a .Net library built built on top of our HTMLParser.Net - Professional Edition library. YFinanceParser.Net provides a simple to use API to extract following pieces of information by writing a couple of lines of .Net code in your application. Using the script you can download yahoo finance data into a CSV file, DataSet or any other data object.

  • Extract company profile for a given ticker symbol

  • Most Active Stocks on NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE

  • Stock quotes and other information for a given symbol



What will I get with purchase?

We will be shipping you complete source code and binaries for the API project along with the samples that we used on our demo pages to show you how to use the APIs.


You will need to purchase HTMLParser.Net - Professional Edition

Visual Studio 2005 or higher to open source code projects and solutions

Can i see a demo?

Yes, we provide 2 demos that show you this API in action. Click on the following links to view these demos.

Code Snippets

Following link provides some code snippets of YFinanceParser.Net usage.

V4.5 Release - Feb. 2013
  • Updated code to use .Net 4.5
  • Made return type to use Linq collections
  • Peformance enhhancements
V2.0 Release - 4/25/2008
  • Added APIs to extract company profile for a given ticker symbol
V1.1 Release - 8/15/2006
  • First release of the library

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