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ImagoMatix - FAQ
Is this component free?

Unlike the previous version, ImagOMatix Version 1.0, the newer version is not a free download. We are charging a very nominal price of $11.99 for our basic component. Please see below for more information about our price structure for this component.

How do I purchase the component?

Please specify a valid email address when you finalize your order after adding it to shopping cart. Once your order is confirmed, we will send the component files as an attachment to that email address. If you buy annual maintenace contract along with the product, we will ship the component with complet help and example files to you on an Install Media.

Can i download component immediately after purchase?

Unfortunately we don't provide the component for immediate download after you have finsihed purchase process. Once we get the confirmation for purchase, we will send you the setup files as an email attachment. In the mean time, you can download the demo version of the component and start development. After recieving the release version, you can uninstall the demo version and install the release version.

How do I get support for the product?

Please send us an email at support@netomatix.com. Depending on the level of support you have purchased we will try to get back to you ASAP.

Are the versions backward compatible?

Yes, the component maintains complete backward compatibility upto this release of the product.

What threading model is used for COM component?

The component uses Both threading model. So it can be used in a single threaded as well as multithreaded environment.

Will I get component on an install media?

We only ship the component on an install media of your choice (CD, DVD or Floppy) if you purchase anual support plan. Otherwise the component will be sent as an attachment to the email address that you specify during purchase. Therefore it is important that you provide us a correct email address.

Why do I get following error during registration of component?

Usually this error gets thrown if you don't have GDI+ installed on your system. Please get GDI+ reditributable DLL from Micorsoft Website and install it in the same folder as ImagOMatix component. For the customers who bought enterprise version of the component, there was a dependency on MSVCP60.dll. This dependency can also cause this error message. This problem has been fixed. You can get newer build of this component that does not have this dependency. This fix only applies to version 2.2.1 or earlier.

Why do I need to install MDAC 2.5?

If you are using ImagoMatix 2003 or prior you don't need to install MDAC 2.5. But for ImagoMatix 2004 Enterprise MDAC 2.5 is a requirement because it uses ADO.Stream object for manipulating image streams.

Do I need to register ImagoMatix.Net?

ImagoMatix.Net is a strongly named .Net assembly. You don't have to register it to use in a .Net application. But if you want to use the component as a COM object, then you can register it using regasm utility. Since Interop affects the performance of .Net assemblies, we strongly recommend using ImagoMatix 2004 for native Win32 applications.

Should I put ImagoMatix.Net in Global Assembly Cache (GAC)?

If you are not planning to share the component across different applications, then you should put it in bin folder under your application. For convenience of Internet Service Providers (ISP) we put the component in GAC during install time. If for some reason the component does not get added to GAC, then you can use GACUTIL utility to add the component to GAC.

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