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ImagoMatix 2004 - COM Component For Image Processing

What is ImagOMatix?

ImagOMatix is a component that can be used to edit, modify, enhance and resize an existing image. The component has been developed as a COM component. So its use is not limited to any one kind of technology. You can use it in your VB, VBScript, JavaScript, C++, MFC or any application that is capable of creating COM objects. The components has a very rich set of API that can be used for a simple task like getting size of an image to a very complex task like disecting an image into X number of parts and then modifying each part differently and then merging them back. We understand that you may not need all the features for your need. Therefore this component is released in different flavors. You can buy the version thatr best fits your needs. ImagoMatix is a component for use on your ASP/ASP.Net web pages. It is used for image processing needs of your application. This new release of the product incorporates a lot of bug fixes and suggestion reported by the users of previous version.

Key Features

  • Determine the size of any image.
  • Create thumbnail images on the fly from an existing file.
  • Write text on an image file at a specified location.
  • Mask one image on top of another image at a specified location.
  • Image flipping
  • Cration of grey scale image
  • Creation of negative image
  • Application of color filters to an image
  • Specifying the source image from an existing file or supplying image as stream already stored in a database
  • Support for resizing GIF images with transparent pixels
  • Support for popular image formats like BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF
  • Stream images directly to ASP pages without saving them to files.
  • Extract images directly from the database for modification and then save them on the hard disk.

Whats new in ImagoMatix 2004 - Enterprise Edition

The new version adds the capability to extract the images saved in your favorite database tables. You can resize the image and then save them on the disk or stream them directly to your ASP pages. It saves you the trouble of cleaning up the temporary image files and everything happens by using just one function call.

ImagoMatix.Net - Enterprise Edition

Now we have .Net version of ImagoMatix component. This component is not just the reimplementation of ImagoMatix (ASP) component. We offer all the features that ImagoMatix R4 had plus a lot more. Every method of this component has overloaded implementations that let you choose if you want to manipulate images saved on the disk, in a database or directly from a stream. And it also allows you to save the modified image to disk or directly to a stream. These features help you in manipulating your images without saving them on the disk and saves you space on your hard disks.

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