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RSSLib4Net - RSS Feed Library For .Net

What is RSSLib4Net?

This is a library that we internally use to aggregate RSS feeds from various development web sites to display on our article pages. This library is in its very early stages and only supports reading the feeds. Currently it does not support creating the feed XML files from a given data set. But we are working on it. This projects is in very active state and we will be releasing more updates to support almost all the feed attributes

How to use it?

The usage of the API is very simple. The following code snippet shows how it can be used in its simplest form.

    FeedAgent obAgent = new FeedAgent("MyAggregator", "1.0");
	FeedReader obReader = new FeedReader("http://www.xyz.com/rss/rss.xml");
	Feed obFeedData = obReader.ReadFeed(obAgent);

How to limit the returned results?

FeedReader object supports 2 properties named MaxChannels and MaxChannelItems which can be used to set the number of items to return. By default these values are set to -1 which means no limit.

What is FeedAgent?

This object contains information about your reader. Here you can set the name of the agent, version, contact email and contact url. The library uses this information to set "User-Agent" header in HttpWebRequest object.


Feature list of the API includes

  • You can use it with any .Net language (C#,VB.Net,J# etc.)
  • Reads all formats for RSS feeds.
  • Returns results in the form of .Net objects and collection which you can bind to any .Net control.
  • Allows you to limit the number of records returned from feed document.
V1.0.1 Release - 3/14/2006
  • First public release of the library
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