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AdSense Ready Site - Truth About Adsense Ready Sites

I published an article AdSense Ready Web Site few days ago where I discussed how people are running scams around this adsense bussiness. A lot of people have written to me about that article telling me how that information has helped them make decision about those adsense ready web site purchases.

Today I was doing some more research on how adsense bussiness is crowding the internet search results with unrealted information or copied information. Guess what, my previous article showed up as one of the stolen ones. See the following 2 links and you will find out how isnare.com web site has stolen the content from my article and published as their own.

Original Article By Netomatix Site Stolen Content By ISNARE.COM
AdSense Ready Web Site http://www.isnare.com/?aid=60846&ca=Internet

The motivation behind this steal is nothing but trying to make money from AdSense by using stolen content. Infact this example proves one of the points that I stressed in my previous article that all these web sites promoting adsense ready web sites have no original content to offer you. They will steal the content from other web sites and present it as their own. In our case the article content was stolen by Razvan Rovinaru.

Google's Position On This

The biggest question is what role is Google's AdSense bussiness playing in this copyright violations. Is Google to blame for all these acts of copyright violations for adsense ready site content. I am sure if Google stops the adsense affiliation altogether, these people will have no motiviation and especially sites like ISNARE.COM will not even be in existence because they can not generate any content on their own and they are more like predators. Google has to put some policy in place to stop people from using stolen content to drive up adsense revenue. And if they find anybody doing it, they should take strict action againt them.

If you have any comments or suggestions about this spreading copyright violation issue, do send us an email. And we can definitely present our case to these advertisers to protect orginality our content.

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