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Google AdSense - Do not attempt to cheat the system

In my article Google AdSense Ready Websites I talked about how some sites are advertising quick money making schemes through launching the web sites. After putting adsense code on their site some people try to cheat the system to make some quick bucks. And eventually get caught. Here are some of the mistakes people make and some reasons why they get caught doing so.

Clicking On Ads On Your Own Web Site

Do not think for a moment that you will be able to fool the system by clicking on your own web site ads from your home or office. Google has a wonderful mechanism of detecting it. Here are some of the parameters that google can consider in making the decision.

  • a) Google can record the IP address of the machine from where you created your account.
  • b) Google can record the IP address of the machines from where you check your account for earning reports.
  • c) If you are using dial up connection where IP addresses can keep changing, in that case Google can record the IP address range.

So if you are doing any of the above, trust me you are not getting paid for these clicks at the first place. And second google can put your account under observation if to see if excessive clicks are being done by you on your own web site to generate bogus revenue.

Using A Program To Simulate Click On Pages

You may be able to write or buy this program and distribute it to few friends to run it from their PCs. It may work for couple of days, soon Google algorithms will detect that clicks are coming from the same locations again and again. Is it too hard to write such a program, answer would be no. Few donen lines of code and you will be ready to simulate the clicks. Again if it is easy to write such a simulator, it is not difficult to detect these simulators too.

Soliciting Some Friends Or Professional Place To Do Clicks On Your Site

Again you will run into same problem as the previous one. Unless you have friends or can find these agencies in every single corner of the world or country, you will get caught in no time. I have personal experience with this. One of my clients came to me one day and told me that Google has suspended their affiliate account. I asked him what you did. First he was not very forth coming with facts. Finally he admitted that he offered some percentage of money to few places to do clicks on their site. And it took just 4 days for Google to detect this fraud and suspend the account. He lost his account, all the revenue earned so far and any chance of being part of AdSense program ever. I don’t think it was worth the effort to loose all this.

If you need any help in any of the services offered or would like to discuss search engine optimization or adsense revenue suggestion please Contact Us. We would get back to you right away.

Is Fraud Detection 100% Fool Proof?

Answer to this would be no. This is like fight between people who write virus programs and companies who write anti-virus programs. AV guys write detection tools for a virus and virus writers are on to creating something new to bypass those checks. Same thing is true for adsense fraud detection mechanisms. Its an evolving mechanism which gets updated quite often. Google is in middle of a settlement where they have agreed to pay hefty penalty for fraud clicks and revenue generated from them. Since then Google has made some major enhancements to their algorithm for fraud detection and they are doing good job at it. And with time it will improve even better. But there will always be some odd cases where there will be fraud clicks. I am sure Google’s aim is to keep this number as low as possible.

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Do not fall into these traps of quick money. If you follow the rules and play this game nicely you have more chance of making money by sharing advertising revenue with Google.

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