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Google AdSense Ready Sites - Do they really generate revenue?

Other day I was doing some research on optimizing a web site to generate decent revenue from a web site through Google’s adsense affiliation. During that research I cam across couple of web sites who were advertising and selling Google adsense ready web sites. And they were offering sites with content in every single possible category known to a human being. And on top of that they were making the user to believe that these sites have possibility of generating 4 digit or higher advertising revenue in no time. I started doing some more research on this and gathered some statistics on page impressions, clicks, click through rates, site ranking, content etc. from lot of web sites that we have helped build and put in ad affiliate programs with various advertising companies like Google, Yahoo, Click Junction etc. And the actual numbers I had in front of me told a completely different story. And then I narrowed down the research on Google AdSense program which most popular and effective program these days. Based on my personal experience and the numbers I gathered here are some observations. And after reading these observations you can decide if these people are just ripping you off by offering these AdSense ready web sites or does it really work so fast.

Some Hard Numbers and Observations

  • Let’s start with some hard facts about how much a click can be worth. There are a lot of numbers floating around about how much a click can be worth to your site. And from what we have seen this number can be anywhere from $0.01 to $20.0. Sorry we can’t disclose what kind of advertising can generate those higher numbers. On average this number is about $0.25 per click.
  • Next important factor is how many clicks can a web site get which will materialize in revenue. If you think though this, you will soon realize it depends on how many visitors you have for your web site. Unless you are a site like MSN, Yahoo or Google this number could be anywhere between 500-5000 visitors per day depending on ranking of your web site’s content. And if you are a new web site, then you will be lucky if you can get 50 users per day to start with. And these site who are selling these adsense ready web sites are not sites which people visit to buy something or have very latest and greatest news on those topics. These people have copied content from here and there creates pages which are same for every single web site they create in that category. Here is a kicker for you. Search engine algorithms are very mature to detect duplicate content in no time. Especially google is very strict about this. A site with duplicate content on mirror locations or multiple back door sites get punished pretty heavily. And I have a first hand experience with it. I was in middle of moving a site from one domain to another and forgot to block searchbot access to old site. Google’s bot indexed both sites and detected supplicate content. And in no time site’s ranking was dropped. It took us time to bring it back up but we finally did it. But this is a very serious point to think about. So if you are buying these readymade web sites, for quite some time do not expect lot of traffic.
  • Next important number is page impressions or how many times ads are getting streamed or displayed on site. Again it depends on what kind of site you have. And how much content you have on web site. These ready made web sites are not going to give you a web site with hundreds or thousands of pages. You will be lucky if they can offer you a site with 10 pages.
  • And now comes the very important number. CTR, click through rate. This number is how many clicks you get per page impression of the ads. This number is very critical. Think about your own experience with web surfing and how many ads do you click when you are visiting a web site or when you are searching some content and land on a page where ads are being displayed. Do you click on every single advertisement or banner? I am sure your answers is NO. If you do no click on every single ad, then why do you expect that people visiting your site are going to click on all advertisement banners and links? From all the data I have gathered, from various web sites, I have observed that if you have very good content and you have high traffic on web site, you can get a CTR ranging between 2 – 5%. And if your site is generating high numbers like 20-50%, it is automatically red flag for the media partners. They smell foul there.

Now if you put some realistics numbers in all 4 observations and statistics, see what will it take to earn a 4 figure monthly revenue that these so called AdSense ready sites advertise. Some of these sites chrge upto $99 per site. In my opinion one should create a site that sells these kind of bogus sites instead of spending time and energy to create some real content. If I can sell these sites to even 1000 people I guess my job is done. What do you think?

So if you think of throwing your money into buying these adsense ready web sites, I encourage you to read this article one more time and then decide.

If you need any help in any of the services offered or would like to discuss search engine optimization or adsense revenue suggestion please Contact Us. We would get back to you right away.

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