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Other day I was looking around for information on MSDN and I ran into a Microsoft Banner ad about Office 2007 and Windows Live offering free domain. First I did not believe it but when I went to that link, I was pleased to see that offer was correct. Microsoft is offering three plans Live Basics: This provides you free domain name, 5 email accounts and design tools to buld your pages. And is absolutely free. Isn't it great. Own your own domain name at no charge. Google offers service called PageCreator but you do not get your own domain name with it. Live Collabration: This is paid service where you get more management tools to share workspace with your employees and more. This one will cost you $29.95/month Live Essentials: This is also paid service. Includes domain name, site traffic tools, 50 email accounts, great management tools. Cost for this is $29.95/month Hurry and sign up for the free service before Microsoft takes this offer back. Click on the following link and you are on your way.

Here are the links that you can use to sign up for these services. Do give it a try. There is nothing to losse in getting some free managed web server hosting.

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