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Google AdSense Ready Site Amazon Virtual Web Store - Googazon

This is a deal that you can not ignore. A double whopper, earn from google adsense program and sell amazon goods from the same place. Wow! How much better can it get? All your dream of establishing a shopping web site and making money from the latest money making machine Google Adsense is reality now. Googazon will make it happen for you. We are offering a sweet package of a web site which is Amazon.com virtual sotre front and is Google Adsense ready. All pages are craftly designed with relevant titles, descriptions and keywords which will help driving the web pages higher in search engine ranking. And from time to time we will offer updates to keep your pages fresh and upto date happenings in SEO world. Give it a try. For an investoment of about 10 cents a day you can start earning 3 digit income per day in no time. You have nothing to loose in this whole deal. Its a win win situation.

What kind of earning can I get?

Google does not include any information about the amount they will be paid for clicks. But our expereince with all our clients has show that average amount can be easily between $0.10 - $10.00. And amazon keeps changing the percentage of revenue they will share with associates. Currently amazon is offering about 8.5% of total sale that results from click from your site. So if you take very conservatives figures of amount of traffic that your site will generate an average you can easily start making earnings in lower 3 figures per month and as site matures and traffic increases this income can grow into 4 figures per month easily. So you can see that your investment is recovered in a matter of month or two. So there is nothing to loose on your end.

Can I See A Live Site?

Yes, we would be more than happy to show you what a Googazon site delivered by us can look like. Click on the following Universal Shopping Mall link and you will see a live site that uses this package.

Packages & Pricing

Googazon Googazon Gold
$15.99 $40.99 / Year
Package includes an ASP.Net web site which you can host with your hosting provider. Package includes one year of free upgrades. Package includes an ASP.Net web site that will be hosted on our web servers. We will maintain the web site for you. You will simply be paying anual cost which includes hosting cost as well as web site cost. Package included free upgrades for 2 year.

What are requirements?

  • You need a google adsense affiliate account. This affiliate ID is used in your adsense program.
  • You need an amazon associate account. This associate id and tag is used in your amazon virtual store front.

If you are completely new to this adsense and virtual store concept and do not have any of the abobe accounts, then you can click on following links to get started. If you need further help with this please feel free to contact us at any time.

Google AffilateAmazon Associate Program

What About Domain And Web Hosting?

  • You will need to have domain that you would like to use. If you need help in registering a domain we would be more than willing to help you in getting one registered for you. We will not be charging any money for it. You will be paying money directly to the registrar and not to us.
  • You will need to have a hosting provider where you can host the site or you can host it with us at a very nominal rate. See the prices we offer for packages.

What Does Package Include?

The package includes a fully functional configurable ASP.Net web site which you can configure as per your requirements in no time.

Do I Need To Know HTML or Database Programming?

You need absolutely no knowledge of Web programming. You do not need to know any HTML skills or database skills. There is no database required too. The configuration of site can be changed by modifying a text file and we will provide easy to follow guidelines on how to modify it if you ever want to make changes or add new product categories.

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