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Google AdSense Tips And Tricks - Importance Of Google Search On Your Pages

As title suggests I will be discussing what role inclusion of Google Search plays in increasing revenue from AdSense program and how it helps in adding relevent content to your site.

1. Adds Search Capability To Your Site

By using Google Search box you get a free search tool for content on your web site. Once GoogleBot has crawled your site and indexed the content, the visitors of your site will be able to search the content on your sites. You do not have to worry about building a search tool on your tool.

2. Know What Your Visitors Are Searching For

It is not possible to fine tune content of your pages for every single keyword or keyphrase that users are using to find information they are looking for. By using Google Search on your site you get detailed reports about the search queries that users have used to do search. You can leverage those reports to modify your content so that you can provide the information the user was looking for and you have better chance of that user coming back to your site for more information. Which means you have a loyal visitor who will come back and which means more users clicking on ads from your site.

Add More Relevent Content Based On Search

A lot of users will land on your pages through search or speciifc information they are looking for. And if they do not find what they are looking for, they will search on other sites. If you have Google Search on your site then you will know what was it that user looking for which you did not have. And if you see that more and more users are using similar search queries, it means that it is important that you also have that content on your site if you want those users to stay on your site. More the user stays on your site, more chances of him or her clicking on ads from your site.

Google Searhc Page Generates Relevant Ads

When person uses Google Search from your site, the results are displayed in a customizable page. And google streams ads based on the search query context on the results page. Although you did not have the content on your site for that search query, you still get chance of earning revenue from the ads streamed on the results page.

You can see what all you gain by putting Google Search on your pages. So go for it and make more money from AdSense program. As always, feel free to contact us for any help. We are here to share our secrets with you.

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