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Step by Step Guide on How to configure II7 - Modify Settings

Now we have a new virtual directory created by following steps described in Page 1. In this page we are going to see how we can modify the settings of our virtual directory. Before we dig deep into this topic let me point out that the user interface for configuring IIS7 is quite different from previous versions IIS6 or lower. In older version you were used to right clicking on virtual directory node in IIS and then pick Properties menu option to configure various settings for your virtual directory or web application. In IIS7 if you right click on virtual directory node, you will not find Properties menu options. Your context menu may look like the following image.

IIS7 configuration 4

Now the properties menu option has been moved in right view pane in IIS Manager console. When you click on your virtual directory, you will see options in right view like the following image.

IIS Configuration 5

4. Change Physical Path

Click on Properties link in right view. It will bring up the dialog box where you can specify the new physical path for your virtual directory. Enter new path and click Ok. There are couple of other options you can set but we will discuss then later. For now we will focus on some essential basics or advanced settings.

IIS7 Configuration

5. Authentication

Next important feature you probably want to configure is authentication for your web application. In the center view, you will find a feature with name Authentication. Double click on it and you will have current settings of the virtual directory come up. Your settings may look like following image.

IIS7 Configuration 7

You will notice that in my case the only authentication enabled is Anonymous. Lets say that you want to enable Forms authentication for your application. Here are the steps that you will need to follow.

  • Disable Anonymous authentication scheme by selecting it in center view and then clicking on Disable link in right view.
  • Now select Forms Authentication in center view and click on Enable link in right view. If you do not disable Anonymous scheme before enabling Forms Authentication scheme, you will get error message saying You cannot use both challenge-based and login redirect-based authentication simultaneously. Which perfectly makes sense because you can only use one type of authentication type in web.config file of your web application. Now your center view may look like the following image.
IIS7 Configuration 8
  • Now we need to configure rest of the elements of Forms Authentication. Select Forms Authentication in center view and then click on Edit link in right view. It will bring up the following dialog box and you can configure all the elements of forms authentication. You will notice that this dialog box has all the elments that you are used to configuring Forms Authentication in your web.config file.
IIS7 Configuration

Following the same procedure you can enable other forms of authentication schemes.

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