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Commonly Used Network Link Speed Terms

When people talk about network and network links and the speed, they talk in terms of jargon like T1, DSL, OC etc. Some terms most of us are familiar with and then there are some which makes us our head scratch. I decided to publish a small list of terms describing what are the range of speeds associated with these terms. This list does not provide complete list but I believe it is sufficient for most of us.

Term Speed Transportation
OC256 13.271 Gbps Optical fiber
OC192 10 Gbps Optical fiber
OC48 2.488 Gbps Optical fiber
Gigabit 1 Gbps Optical fiber and Regular Network Cable
OC1 51.84 Mbps Optical fiber
T3 44.736 Mbps Coax cable
Cable Modem 512 Kbps - 52 Mbps Coax cable
802.11a 54 Mbps WiFi
802.11g 54 Mbps WiFi
802.11b 11Mbps WiFi
DSL 512 Mbps - 8 Mbps Twisted pair wire
Bluetooth 2 Mbps RF
T1 1.54 Mbps Coax cable, Optical fiber, Twisted pair
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