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OCR Solution For Office Document, Order & Invoice Management Automation
Stop wasting your time searching through piles of paper invoices, paper orders and start using IPOCRScanDoc.Net solution!


With IPOcrScanDoc.Net, you can search through invoices, orders, messages and documents and find what you need in a fraction of the time needed for searching through paper documents! Our easy to use software product allows you to simply scan your invoices, orders, fax, emails or any document into a searchable database.

How does it work?

Here’s how it works: after installing the IPOcrScanDoc.Net software to your computer simply scan the invoice on your scanner and all information is automatically downloaded into an easy to use, searchable database. When you need to access an invoice you can select from several search fields such as: billing name, invoice date time frame, product, amount and many more fields. IPOcrScanDoc’s database will match your search query with the invoice and you have the information you need within a matter of a few seconds to a few minutes! You can print a copy of the invoice right from your desktop if needed!

Key Features

  • Intutive user interface to create templates of your invoices, orders, wills, messages or any document.
  • XML configuration file with published schema to manually configure the template.
  • Automatic conversion of your document image to quality that is good for recognition.
  • Process the tables on your documents to recognize the details of the items and insert them into database as separate invoice or order lines.
  • Inform you of documents that may have some unrecognaizable fields. And allow you to manually correct the field data.
  • Alerts about the documents that were not processed to let you fix the quality of the document images.
  • Integrated TWAIN processor to grab the output directly from your scanner or any device supporting TWAIN interface.
  • Search the processed documents based on your specified search criteria.
  • Print the data along with the orginal document image.
  • Enterprise version lets you search the dcouements from anywhere in the world using our user friendly web interface.

Time is money for businesses, stop wasting your business’ precious time and money and start using IPOcrScanDoc.Net today.

Purchase Information

The beta programme for this application starts on March 22, 2004. Please contact us for details.

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