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Lucene4DB.Net - Installation

Currently we do not have a setup program for comunity edition the library. We will be providing one very soon. In the mean time we will descrive manual steps to install and use this library.

Files contained in Lucene4DB_Community.zip file

  • ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll - Opensource ICSharp zip library
  • MySql.Data.dll - Data connector for MySql database
  • WinistaDBIndexer.dll
  • Winista.Indexer.dll
  • Winista.Lucene.dll
  • Winista.Netlib.dll


  • Unzip Lucene4DB_Community.zip file into a folder
  • In the project where you want to use the library, add reference to the asemblies from this folder
  • Create folder on your machine (local or network) where index of records will be saved. Make sure that the context under which your application runs, has permissions to read and write into this folder.
  • Copy configuration file DBIndexSettings.xml file to location from where your application can access it. This is the file that defines configuration for indexing library.
  • Provide appropriate connection string in dbSettings section of DBIndexerSettings.xml file.
  • Provide path to index storage folder in indexStorage section of configuration file. This value can be overridden at run time by API
  • Other enteries in the configuration file for future use.
  • We strongly recommend downloading Sample Application to see how this library is used.

If you have any questions please contact us by sending an email to support AT netomatix DOT com. We will be glad to help you in anyway we can.

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