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Lucene4DB.Net - Fast and Advanced Search For Your Database and Documents

What is Lucene4DB.Net?

Lucene4DB.Net is a .Net library built around the powerful Lucene search engine to index database tables and allow fast and advanced search capability to your applications. Now you do not have to spend hours thinking during designing of the schema about the fields that you should index. Lucene4DB.Net makes it possible to pick and drop the fields at run time. One would argue that database applications like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and others have indexing capabilities then why should you build a new index. There are number of reasons why using a tool like Lucene4DB.Net can boost search for your applications, desktop or web.

  • Fast and flexible indexing of terabytes of data in your database.
  • Gives ability to add fast and accurate search capabilities to your applications.
  • Supports free form search queries with accurate results.
  • Frees you from worries of SQL injection attacks.
  • A very simple and intutive API to add tables and columns to the index.
  • Ability to add or modify indexed fields at run time. You do not have to modify the schema of your database to include or exclude fields that need to be indexed.
  • Hot addition of new records at run time allows incremental build of index. And supports ability to remove records from index.
  • Ability to crate and move the index files from one location to other. This gives you ability to use the same index for multiple applications.

Do I need to know SQL to create query?

No you do not need to know who to build queries or things like that. We provide a very simple and intutive and simple API that lets you add fields, tables, joins, conditions etc. like you are setting properties on a bussiness object and our query builder will take care of the rest for you.

What version of .Net Framework is supported?

The API supports .Net 1.1 and .Net V2.0. There is a special build for .Net 2.0 which leverages new features of the framework.

Product Updates

V.2.1 Release (Beta) 6/1/2007
  • Moved custom DateFilter and NumericFilter into Winista.Indexer assembly
  • Switch the code to use V2.1 release of Lucene.Net build.
  • Added support to feed direct DataTable to database indexer instead of using the query builder classes.
  • Added for simple facet searches.
V1.4 Release - 6/1/2006
  • Upgraded underlying Lucene engine to java counterpart V2.0.
V1.1.32.0 Release - 12/11/2005
  • Add NumericFilter in Lucene library to filter ton numeric fields in price, quantity etc.
  • Made changes in some classes in Lucene library to follow naming and implementation guidelines for .Net library development.
  • Added new APIs in Lucene4DB library to do range searches on numeric fields.
  • Updated test console application to include sample for numeric range search.
V1.1.30.0 Release - 12/4/2005
  • Fixed bug where DateTime type fields were not being indexed.
  • Added support to do range type queries on fields.
  • Added support to reset the index.
  • Sample console application enhanced to demonstrate use of multithreaded concpts in building an indexing service.
V1.1.28.0 Release - 12/1/2005
  • Added support for MySql
  • Fixed problem with searcher not getting reloaded after records added to index at run time
  • Add more information to documentation
V1.1.0.0 Release - 11/22/2005
  • First public release of the library.
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