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FsCleaner.Net - Downloads and Updates
Trial Version Of FsCleaner.Net V3.0

You can download the trial version of FsCleaner.Net. This is a fully functional version of the product with unlimited trial period. The trial version has the following limitations.

  • It will only you to configure your application to include any kind of file extensions and type in your configuration but the application will only delete files of type MP3. And it will only treat files of type DOC and TMPas the exempt file types.
  • During setup time, you will not have the option to specify the user account under which the service will run. For trial version the service always runs under System account
Click Here To Download Trial Version Of FsCleaner.Net(~2MB)
Trial Version Of FsCleaner.Net For .Net Framework 2.0

This version of the product is to be installed with machines that have .Net Framrwork V2.0 installed. Since .Net Framework 2.0 is still in beta state, we do not support this version of the product officially.

Click Here To Download Trial Version Of FsCleaner.Net (For .Net V2.0)(~2MB)
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