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FsCleaner.Net V3.0 - Automatically Delete Old & Marked Files From Computer

What is FsCleaner.Net?

Have you ever wanted to have an application that will automatically watch your directories on the folder and clean the old and unwanted files automatically? And now with GDI+, on the fly images for your reports creation has become so easy. And then you are left with lot of image files on your web server. You wished that somehow this files should be removed automatically for you after a fixed interval of time. Trust us, we always wished the same thing.

FsCleaner.Net is answer to that question. Using a very user friendly graphic user interface you configure the application by selecting the folders that you want to be watched and then choose parameters like what file extensions to watch and age of the file. And then you are good to go. The service will wake up after an interval, that you choose, and clean up the files from those folder. It could not be easier than that, right?

Does your MS office automation application (Excel) leaves behind lot of temporary files because .Net framework is unable to close the automation object cleanly? FsCleaner.Net provides you with a service that you can configure from your own application to automatically cleanup these files after certain period of time.

Key Features

  • Intutive user interface to configure application.
  • Specify the file extensions that you want to remove and the ones that you want to exempt for deletion.
  • Pick the time stamp to use for deciding the age of the files.
  • XML configuration file with published schema to manually configure the service.
  • Generate the log files if you want to see what all files were removes by last operation.

Product Updates

.Net V2.0 Release - 12/30/2004

We have released the product for .Net Framework V2.0. You can download it from the product downloads page. Since .Net V2.0 is still in beta state, we do not support this product officially for any bugs related to the framework.

Demo Version

Now you can try the product before you purchase. Please goto the Downloads page and get the demo version of this application.

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