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PrintLib.Net - Printing library for Grids, Forms, Reports etc.

What is PrintLib.Net?

PrintLib.Net is an API that provides you an easy way to integrate printing into your windows and web applications. This allows you to easily format the print output as per your requirements. So if your project requires to print data from grid you do not have to ask the user to hit print button on browser to print the data. By using this library you can stream the output of the data set to a print document and then let user download the document or stream it in response. The framework provides means to format the output.


Feature list of the API includes

  • You can use it with any .Net language (C#,VB.Net,J# etc.)
  • Allows you to add header and footer to each page of the output.
  • Allows you to add page numbers and date in the footer of each page and select the position of page numbers and date.
  • Allows you to add header to grid output on each page when putput spans more than one page.
  • Allows you to insert images in report pages.
  • Allows you to set alignment, styles, font etc. on grid headers and items.
  • ... If you are looking for features that you don't find in library, please send us email. We will provide you more information on your questions.

Trial Version

You can try this library by downloading the trial version by clicking on following link. The trial version has all the capabilities of actual version with one restriction. Trial version limits the number of records from data set to 10 only. Rest of the capability has not been limited in trial version. If you do no require printing of data set or grid then you can use the trial version of the library as long as you want.


  • .Net1.1 or higher
  • An actual printer or some virtual printer that the library will use to send output to.
V1.2 Release - 7/15/2006
  • First public release of the library
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