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IP2Country.Net - Library for translating IP2Country Database to SQL Server

What is IP2Country.Net?

IP2Country.Net is a helper .Ner library that helps you insert CSV database provided by WebNet77 hosting provider. That database gets updated almost every 24 hours. What the CSV database provides is records of mapping of IP addresses to country location. The database for most part seems to be accurate but is not 100% accurate. But if you are looking for a free solution and only interested in high level translation of IP address to country location then it will do the job. For more granular mapping to city and state you may have to look for some other solution.

We provide IP2Country.Net .Net library that allows you to upload the CSV file into your SQL Server and then search the database to find country location for a given IP address.

Country Code: US
Assigned On: 3/17/1992
IP Range: to


Feature list of the API includes

  • You can use it with any .Net language (C#,VB.Net,J# etc.)
  • Provides SQL scripts to create table ans stored procedures in SQL server for this library
  • Allows you to search database for country location for an IP address.

Download Library

If you are seeing this section and do not see source code download links, this means that you are not logged into our site. If you already are a memeber, click on the login link and login into site and come back to this page for downloading the control files. If you are not a member, click on registration link to become a Winista member and download the control for free.

Use Of Library

  • Lookup Internet Address to Country
  • Geo Targeting IP Address to Country
  • Geo Targeting Advertising based on user's location
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