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1. How do i use this control?

  • Add reference to Winista.SmartAutoComplete.dll in your project.
  • Register control on your page <%@ Register TagPrefix="Winista" Namespace="Winista.Web.UI.Control.Search" Assembly="Winista.SmartAutoComplete" %>
  • Add control to your page
  • Set properties and attributes of the control from property view or manually.

2. After i added the control page, autocomplete feature is not working?

Please check the following things:

  • Make sure that you have assigned correct input text box and container control IDs to InputControlId and ContainerControlId properties of the control.
  • Make sure that you have correct web service assigned as data source for main control as well as differenct sections and these services are returning data in correct format.

3. Why is data from my web service not being displayed?

  • Make sure that your web service is returning correct data
  • You have specified correct JSON schema in DataSchema property in DataSource objects.

4. Is there any limit on number of sections that i can add under main control?

The control does not restrict you from adding any number of sections. But you have to judegement so that performance of the control is not affected my large number of sections. Each section makes separate call into a service to get data and each call is made is async. If you have large number of sections then there is good chance that some of the secions may not return data by the time main control is ready to be rendered.

5. Can I customize text displayed in each header section?

Yes you can definitely do that. Follow the following steps:

  • Create java script functions in your application that will provide custom text for main section header as well as section headers.
  • Set names of these functions in ClientSideHeaderFormatCallBack and ClientSideSectionHeaderFormatCallBack properties of the control.

Here are examples of these functions:

function formatSectionHeaderDisplay(_eItem, oSection, sQuery)
	return "<img src='search.gif' />" + " " + oSection.getName();

function formatMainHeaderDisplay(_eItem, oSelf, sQuery)
	return "<img src='SyncTOC.gif' />" + " " + oSelf.headerText;

6. What YUI java script files that i need to include on my page?

Please see AutoComplete control page for more information on this.

7. What version of YUI is the control using?

Current version of SmartAutoComplete.Net control uses YUI V2.3.1

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